25 years of Leopards – Q and A with Ed Simons

It was more than 26 years ago that Ed Simons, along with Harvey Goldsmith and Robert Earl formed the original Leopards.. He remained as owner of the clubs throughout its BBL days and still takes an interest in the current Big Cats. As part of Leopards’ history, we caught up with Ed for a quick question and answer session about his time owning the club

How did it all start? It started with a call from Harvey’s mum she had been on a cruise with Harry and Mike Wrubleski’s mother and they had just bought the Birmingham Bullets Download 100 doors challenge. She asked me to call Harry and that started the whole thing off. I’m still in touch with Harry

Favourite moment(s): It’s got to be winning the league at home with all of my family friends and the supporters where can I download children’s songs for free. The cup final at Sheffield was also a great night, while securing a tv deal with Sky which I negotiated on behalf of the league was very pleasing and a did a lot for the game download netflix windows 10.

Worst moment(s): Losing the championship at Wembley with a minute to go in 1997. How did we manage that ?

Most difficult decision: To part company with Billy Mims.

How much of a wrench was it to leave London Arena?: Huge. It was the basis of our franchise our USP.

How difficult was it to change coaches during the sixth season? As I said above very difficult. However I never regretted hiring Bob Donewald

How tough was the decision to call time on it in 2003? By 2003 Annie T and I had invested huge personal monies and i had a duty to my family to call time. I have never regretted this investment and the extended family it gave us but it was time to let it go.

If you could have done one (and only one!) thing different what would’ve it been? I don’t think I would have done anything differently. We were in it to succeed and we did it is hard to own a sports franchise and not let your heart rule your head.

Did you ever consider strangling Mike Taylor? If not, why not? Only joking. It was a daily, no hourly, thought

Do you ever miss it?: Of course, we do, although not the daily losses. I am now on the board of the new Ron Scott led enterprise for a professional league in the UK Ron has substantial and very professional backers and he might just pull this off.

Anything else? Thanks for the opportunity to write this, Ed. And thanks to Ed for taking the time to write it. It was easier in the days someone else ran the asylum.

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