Welcome to what I hope will be one of the premier club history sites in British basketball.

The summer of 2020 proved to be one of change for one of the most famous names in the game as 25 years of Leopards came to an end and the new Oaklands Wolves senior men’s team came into existence.

It was obviously a huge change for the club a coincided with the small matter of a global pandemic which left me with a lot of time on my hands. I’d always planned to write the club history, so with little else to do and the magic 25 ┬áseason mark having been reached, it seemed to be the ideal time to finally get on with it.

Many of the articles appeared on www.leopardsbasketball.co.uk over the summer, but there is also some new pieces and I hope to continue to add content such as interviews, any other pictures I can find and I’m now working on an “on this day” article which should mean that this site ends up with more than 250 articles. Eventually, that is.. On that note, if you have anything that might be of interest to Leopards fans and the British basketball community in general, please get in touch.

I would like to thank Maz Curtis for the scrapbooks about the early years because without them it might have been too daunting to get it done, to Paul Phillips who helped with some technical stuff because I’m incapable and took many brilliant pictures of Leopards over the final few years, and to everyone who agreed to be interviewed.

I hope you enjoy the site. Let me know what you think

Dave Ryan

Leopards programme editor 1999-2003, General Manager 2004-2020, Oaklands Wolves senior men team manager 2020-